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HanJung Oil & Chemical Co., Ltd
HanJung Oil & Chemical Co., Ltd. was established with a motto of a company based a challenge of the coming future, a mind of the creation and a passion for the goal in 1996. Our company export about 10000 Ton emulsions for textiles and other products every year.

Out sale quantity is over 13 million USD a year. Our engineers in R&D have experienced for many years about a oil refining, lubricant manufacturing and a fine chemistry. We dedicated to achieve our goal together not as technical cooperation with foreign company but as ourself-technique under a situation of markets occupied almost by product of Major and License.

As our technique, we produce additives and apply to domestic product by importing products selected carefully. We do our best to expand a domestic and foreign certification for making the most product in the world. We will strive to satisfy customers' need about the cut of expenditure, equipment preservation and optimum environment. Open the door, we will always make an effort to answer all your questions. We sincerely hope that you will find useful information in this website.

Thank You.

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1005 Byeongdong-ri Hallim-myein Gimhae Si GYEONGSANGNAM-DO TEL +82-55-343-0051 FAX +82-55-345-1804
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