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DRASHAN TTs are quenching oils made of raw materials of highly refined mineral oils

- Oils used in cold quenching
- Operating temperature between +20 and +80
- Very well adapted for subcontractor heat treater.
- Conventional quenching of steel parts of all types of shape and varying in weight.
- General and automobile mechanical parts
- Suitable for all steels heated in salt bath, sealed quench furnace, torch, continuous furnace.

- Very high resistance to thermal shock.
- High chemical stability.
- Anti-foam, required in high-turbulence and high-circulation baths.
- Excellent resistance to oxidation.
- Low consumption owing to their.
- High flash point, limiting the risk of fire.
- Stable cooling capacity over a time period, preserving the mechanical properties of the parts after quenching

Specific gravity at 15°C 0.885
Kinematic viscosity at 40°C, mm2/s 29.5
Kinematic viscosity at 100℃, mm2/s 5.0
Viscosity index 96
Flash point O.C. COC, ℃ 210
Pour point, ℃ -10
Calefaction/Ebullition point, ℃ 520
Ebullition/Convection point, ℃ 380
Maximum cooling speed, ℃/sec 265

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